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Mark Aguhar Megan Hoover and Megan Kincheloe

Stephanie Bonham Kendra Kinsey

Jesus Benavente and Andrea Bonin Christa Mares and Teruko Nimura

Nicholas Dertien Peter Reichardt, Mary Rothlisberger, and Kristyn Weaver

Anthony Garza Misha Penton, Megan Reilly, and Divergence Vocal Theater

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Creative Research Lab

Peter Reichardt, Mary Rothlisberger, and Kristyn Weaver
Camp Base Camp: Everest Friends
Installation and Performance

straw mat, latex paint, colored pencil drawing, contact paper, wood, paint, PVC, afghan rugs, plastic tarps, paint, gravel road base, books, felt pad, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, pillow, clothes, backpack, knit hat, collages, prayer flags, altered clothes, artists books, collaged triangles, nylon tent, found photos, typewriter, wood, milk crate, tape recorder, tin cans, clothes pins, lamp, postcards, mugs, souvenirs, foam boulders, ratchet strap, foam handholds, carved wood ice axes, bivouac tent, plastic transport barrel, nylon ropes, wind shield, down jacket, down gloves, bandana, goggles, rope, carabineers, paint, climatized blood levels, back pad, knit hat, yeti sculpture. Puja Alter: pizza boxes, prayer flags, artists books, photos, clay sculptures