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Mark Aguhar Megan Hoover and Megan Kincheloe

Stephanie Bonham Kendra Kinsey

Jesus Benavente and Andrea Bonin Christa Mares and Teruko Nimura

Nicholas Dertien Peter Reichardt, Mary Rothlisberger, and Kristyn Weaver

Anthony Garza Misha Penton, Megan Reilly, and Divergence Vocal Theater

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Creative Research Lab

Stephanie Bonham
All the Streisand Records in Town
54 vinyl records in sleeves

Artist note: Barbara Streisand records are among the most abundant and least sought-after used vinyl in circulation today. They crowd record shelves and bargain bins, causing stagnancy for stores and collectors and preventing more desirable items from passing through. “All the Streisand Records in Town,” invited stores to donate their unwanted Barbara Streisand records and alleviate this burden on Austin’s record collecting community. A total of 54 records were collected thanks to contributions from BackSpin Records, Antone’s Record Shop, Piranha Records, Trailer Space Records and Breakaway Records.