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Creative Research Lab


A performance by Jen Frost Smith

Wednesday, December 9, 7-9 pm

Creative Research Laboratory
2832 East Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.
Austin, Texas 78702
CRL is inside Flatbed World Headquarters

I use the word orphan as a means of empowerment. To be free from ties that connect us to spaces and people. I consider myself an orphan, after the loss of my mother and the abandonment of my father. My family is large, but does not connect and hold like a structure. I find myself thinking of home as a space in which the ones I love warm. Being an orphan can allow one to move and warm freely.

— Jen Frost Smith

As a performative act, Jen Frost Smith will create a home with the items she finds in close proximity to her. Visiting us from graduate school in Baltimore, Smith will glean objects from her once familiar surroundings of Austin and with the help of others construct a dwelling inside the Creative Research Laboratory. Upon entering the CRL, the viewer will be confronted with this home surrounded by two projection, one projection will reveal a visualization of the internal home, while the other the external view. During her three-day stay, Jen Frost Smith will explore both the inside and the outside conceptually and formally with videos playing continuously and always showing movement. Smith invites you to join her for her housewarming opening and help answer the question, 'What is home?