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Mark Aguhar Daphane Park

Andrea Bonin James Willard Pierce

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Creative Research Lab

I got it from my momma...

A performance by Mark Aguhar

Saturday, December 5, 12-5 pm

Creative Research Laboratory
2832 East Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.
Austin, Texas 78702
CRL is inside Flatbed World Headquarters

There is a strong element of forms of communication and social construction in Aguharís work. In I got it from my momma..., Aguhar deals with the formation of social settings and constructing kith and kinship networks. His relationship with domesticity is an inherent force mixing traditional gender roles. Interested in how food is literally transformative, Aguhar performs work upon the audience. His work creates a reciprocal relationship with the viewers, in which he demands access to their bodies through food and they in turn create and reify his artwork as a process of their organs and mental effort. In manipulating the act of eating, so he manipulates the consumption of art as the experience and physical sensation rather than observation. Using food to activate memory and association with the combination of cooking smells, Aguhar elicits evocations of desire and memory.