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Creative Research Lab

08 DEPTH OF FIELD - Senior Design Exhibition - May 2008

Allison Lura

Allison Lura

Flags of the world - all of the whole 193 flags of UN countries - each have their own unique history and design... well, sort of. Through my research I found that the histories, as well as the design and the symbolism of flags, all intertwine and connect in ways that are never quite visible in the normal encyclopedia style readout they are usually contained in. Many of the flags are in result very similar in both design and meaning, and generally all flags stick to similar standards of design. Much of this is due to countries drawing influence from other ones that they see as role-models. In order to express these often hidden connections, I created a series of interactive flashcards that are able to be used as a type of puzzle and learning device. In result, someone could essentially make a new map of the world based on something besides geography, such as religion, language or government type. I was so intrigued by where it was leading that I bridged projects used my research to create a companion book on How to Design Your Own Flag. The two projects both inform and compliment each other in a way that I hope is even more informative to the viewer.