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Creative Research Lab

08 DEPTH OF FIELD - Senior Design Exhibition - May 2008

Courtney Goode

Courtney Goode
Green Parcel, 2008
cornhusks, beeswax, wax paper, thread

For my Senior Thesis Project, I attempted designing an eco-friendly food and beverage packaging system. At the start of the project I was awarded an Undergraduate Research Fellowship from the University to go to South East Asia and research the packaging methods used by street vendors. After arriving home I spent much of my time researching bioplastics and alternative green packaging in addition to older, traditional food and beverage packaging systems. The deliverable for my Senior Thesis has come to be known as, "Corn-tainer". It is a theoretical packaging solution intended to embody the ideal food package, which is 100% sustainable and eco-friendly in every aspect of its Life Cycle, from cradle-to-cradle. It is made from locally grown/harvested cornhusks, beeswax, wax paper, and unbleached cotton thread. It's reusable, and also compostable. And theoretically the transport of these materials at every level ran off of bio fuels, any electricity used originated from solar energy, and the corn and cotton were grown organically, on local farms. The project is intended to encourage consumers to consider every aspect of production and consumption, and the waste that need be avoided.