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Creative Research Lab

08 DEPTH OF FIELD - Senior Design Exhibition - May 2008

Sarah Emmons

Sarah Emmons
Shadow Topography, 2008

"Time must be sacrificed so that space can come into being."
- Dan Hoffman, The Third Shadow

Shadow topography is revealed when time is stopped, incrementally recorded and compounded. Stacked time reveals the space of the shadow - its territory. The concept behind this project was investigating the two-dimensional territory of shadows as they fall across three dimensional space in order to reveal the occupiable space of the intangible shadow. The study was set up much like a lab experiment, just studying the graphic form created as the shadow of single object changed over time as the light source moved along a path. Ultimately the result was several series of changing shadows that, when compiled and extruded, revealed the three-dimensional topography of the shadow. The form took the shape of pop-up book because of the pages' ability to be both three-dimensional (popped-up), and two-dimensional (paper book) at the same time, just as shadows are.