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Creative Research Lab

SHIFT (MFA1) - March 2008

Virginia Yount

Virginia Yount
Does it Make a Sound?
(Protect What I Want From Me)
, 2007
oil on canvas
48" x 72"

I make work that deals with a desire to understand and think about my surroundings as an environment that is not inert or static, but in a constant state of flux, anxious, and untrustworthy. My paintings and sculptures refer to our contemporary piecemeal landscape, full of the wreckage of the past yet speeding ever forward with increasing velocity to obliterate the past.

The imagery within my fictional landscape paintings consists of human-made structures built within an abstracted and generalized nature. Abandoned shelters and constructions emerge from the landscape as remains of a culture as well as an innocence lost. I use the historical language of ruins, monument and remains in both paintings and sculptures to talk about permanence, environmental change, and our present relationship with nature.

Another core concern of my work is an investigation of paint as a physical and material process as well as using it to create a fictional and believable space. More so than concrete illustrations of the future, my paintings are glimpses into a world of possible outcomes and possible futures and combine realistic painting with more abstracted forms. They are an investigation into a fictional world that is related to real and present issues.

Environmental crisis, hybridization of natural and artificial forms, waste management, surveillance and finding shelter in unstable conditions are all a part of my work's conceptual and political concerns.