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Creative Research Lab

SHIFT (MFA1) - March 2008

Jill Pangallo

Jill Pangallo

Jill Pangallo
One Woman Show, 2008
mixed media installation

Through persona-based performance, video and installation works, I examine aspects of the human condition in dramatic terms, re-creating the compound and often incongruous roles that people perform on a daily basis. I draw direct inspiration from the clash of cultures I experienced working simultaneously in a mainstream corporate environment and as a contemporary underground performance artist. The detailed, nuanced portraits I create oscillate between emotional and emotive polarities -- funny and serious, happy and sad, tribute and observation.

My primary interest in this endeavor is to highlight what I believe to be an epidemic of denial -- a lack of self-awareness, both on a personal and social level -- rampant in this country. As the cult of object and celebrity continue to metastasize, I feel compelled to evaluate and comment upon them, but at the same time to expose my own relationship to the phenomenon. This self-reflexive psychoanalysis, which I casually refer to as the cycle of shame or the cringe-factor, exists at the root of my art making.

My tendency to reference and harness universally familiar models and tropes -- print and broadcast advertising, industrial video and mainstream theater, for example -- and subvert them explores the crossover between art and entertainment, as well as the way humor functions within this interchange. To do this most effectively, I employ a deceptively naive aesthetic that purposefully highlights the performance rather than the technical aspects of my medium of delivery and the liminal space between fantasy and reality.