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Creative Research Lab

SHIFT (MFA1) - March 2008

Jules Buck Jones

Jules Buck Jones
Coyote Python, 2008
mixed media on paper
82"h x 92"w

The world of animals dominates the imagery and ideas I employ in my work. Since an early age I have taken great interest and pleasure in drawing animals. Over the past couple of years I have been building on and sharpening my interest in nature and its depiction, to extend the dialogue to address both the art world as well as the outside world. Drastic modes of change in nature are of particular interest to me: mutation, evolution, and extinction. Although such things seem to most to reside in some grotesque realm of the fantastic, they are very real. I am attracted to this dual perception and to the fractured roles animals play in the minds of human beings.

In some respects, I feel a bit out of my jurisdiction because most of the animals I come into contact with are two-dimensional and glossy. At any opportunity I try to extend and deepen my direct experience with my subject matter. When I work, I embrace the source material I have and manipulate it through drawing, painting, copying, collage and multiple combinations thereof. For me, the coarse and subtle abstraction of subject is a way of describing and reflecting on transformations that occur in nature.

My work operates somewhere between propaganda and poetry, fear and optimism, nausea and humor, fiction and fact. This collection of perspectives, rooted in reality, embraces the fantastic, the making of monsters, impossible confrontations between the dead and the alive, extinction and nascence.