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Creative Research Lab

SHIFT (MFA1) - March 2008

Christie Zangrilli

Christie Zangrilli

Christie Zangrilli
     Installation view
     Active Surface 1 (inside), 2008
     nylon/Spandex, wood
     Active Surface 2 (outside), 2008
     nylon, Plexiglas
     Active Surface 1 (detail)

Through the design of wall coverings, I aim to challenge conventional perceptions of a wall surface. By employing innovative use of materials and techniques, it is possible to create optical effects that are activated by the viewer's movement. This method has allowed me to turn a "regular" interior wall surface into a field that is able to give feedback about a viewer's movement. By putting the viewer in the position to have a sensory dialogue with the surface, via wall covering, I can create an experience that is personal, unexpected and delightful.