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Creative Research Lab

SHIFT (MFA1) - March 2008

Erin Sanders

Erin Sanders
Progression Series, 2007
digital print from Polaroid film
48" x 60"

I pursue methods whereby the examination of attributes essential to understanding of a subject are prioritized over the content and material form in which they are conveyed. My process involves defining a problem, deconstructing it in order to understand its intrinsic nature and then from this knowledge, re-presenting it visually to communicate concepts that contribute a greater perception of the original form from which it came.

Working in this manner I examine the nature of the creative process, by which analysis of an image, more than anything, drives the approach. By doing more than just taking images, by being historically knowledgeable, and actively pursuing new information and ideas this process asks the viewer to do more than just look at a photograph. It puts into question what we see, how we see and how images can trigger and shape the world around us. It asks you to become involved in seeing what it takes to make an image.