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Creative Research Lab

SHIFT (MFA1) - March 2008

Alexandra Morton

Alexandra Morton

Alexandra Morton
     installation view
     Some Girl(s), (detail - video still) 2007

People enter any given situation with a certain degree of spatial understanding, with certain fixed notions of what a space holds for them and how they should behave in such an environment. These responses are informed by the audience's prior individual experience of such environments, and their interpretation of shared societal expectations of such spaces. My aim is to reconfigure and restructure the theatrical environment, thereby testing audience's preconceived notions of a specific environment type and exposing the malleability of our perceptions of the spaces in which we live.

The work presented here is designed to explore the theatricality of everyday environments and the performative nature of contemporary society. By inverting the theatrical construct, I am bringing the background of theater production forward so that the action of the play is carried out by the stagehands and stage manager. In this way, a dialogue is created between life and the conventions of theatrical set design. Utilizing known and understood theatrical conventions such as stage flats, platforms, sound and lighting, a common ground is established for the audience. By showing the mechanics of their movement and sides of them usually unseen, I put the spotlight on the theatricality of the "behind-the-scenes" action.