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Creative Research Lab



COLLABORATIONS opening reception

top: SAES-LR-003, 2007
24" x 96" x 144"

above: Expedition Artifacts (detail), 2007
4" x 1" x 1" each

For Collaboration from Conception, we have created an entirely new project based on our past "walking expeditions," in which we gathered and collected materials found along a set path. These materials were then brought back to our studio where we recorded and preserved them. Mapping and documenting these walks, we have formed our own emotional understanding of Austin, which we term "psycho-geology" or "psycho-geography."

We built a raft, SAES-LR-003, for our new project in which to travel down Lady Bird Lake. On this mission we gathered samples of earth and water, explored the islands, and "claimed land" using flags of our own design. This project is built off of our previous work, continuing our movement through the city in a completely new manner. Documenting our process through writing, video, and photography, we have continued with our pseudo-scientific system of working.

audio of interview with Sodalitas (part 1)
audio of interview with Sodalitas (part 2)
audio of interview with Sodalitas (part 3)