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Creative Research Lab


Stephanie Bonham and Art Silva

Bonham and Silva detail

Stephanie Bonham and Jose Arturo Silva
The Well-mannered Theft of Rainbow Mountain, 2007
(installation view at top, detail above)
mixed media
dimensions variable

Our project is based on collaborating with each other as well as unseen, unknown artists. By collecting paintings that have been discarded, we are interjecting an additional layer of meaning and questioning the ideas of art as a leasure activity. here are our rules:

A. We collect paintings that are:
   1. Given to thrift stores or otherwise discarded.
   2. Created by someone other than us.

B. Paintings are chosen for:
   1. Amateur or homemade aesthetic.
   2. Imagery that appeals to our tastes.
   3. Affordability.

C. We modify the paintings by:
   1. Passing them back and forth as necessary.
   2. Using any medium.
   3. Allowing sections of the original work to remain intact

D. Paintings will displayed in a manner of our choosing.

audio of interview with Bonham and Silva (part 1)
audio of interview with Bonham and Silva (part 2)
audio of interview with Bonham and Silva (part 3)