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Creative Research Lab


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Curators' Statement:

Making it alone, by yourself, in the studio, one on one, one after the other, in the world, in the market, in the scene, in the papers, in the galleries, with the critics, against the critics, on paper, writing on your computer, sending edits back and forth, laying it all out and hitting print, process-oriented, craft-based, by yourself.

Making It Alone highlights the work of artists directly engaged in the process of creating work within the studio environment. Kaleidescopic in materials, methods and means, the artists represented speak to the diversity within the Art and Art History Department at the University of Texas at Austin. Making it Alone is one of two summer exhibitions; both are concerned with the processes of “making it.” The second show, Making It Together, presents artists working in collaboration. What binds everyone involved in these projects, whether they are artists, writers, designers, or curators, is that we all desire success; we want to make it. It just so happens that our road to success lies in our creative abilities. To make it we have to make it.

These exhibitions would not have happened without the generosity and support of the following people: Hana Hillerova, John Yancey, Bernadette Ashman, Marc Silva, Jimmy Luu, Kelly Green, Alex Codlin, Laura Lindenberger, the Department of Art and Art History at the University of Texas at Austin, the writers, the artists, friends and family.

The Curatorial Staff:
     Andy Campbell
     Erika Cole
     Rachel Mohl
     Ashley Schmiedekamp