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to Abasolo Edmundo Abasolo to Moroney Jessica Moroney

to Alonzo Liliana E. Alonzo to Mullee Amanda Mullee

to Bowles Andrew Bowles to Na Bohye Na

to Brekher Jessica Brekher to Newman Shannon Newman

to Bucek Zach Bucek to Olivares José-Luis Olivares

to Cass Amy Cass to Olson Tiffany Olson

to Chen Kelly Tsu Wei Chen to Overly Donna Overly

to Cotton Gabriela Cotton to Cari Palazzolo Cari Palazzolo

to Criscoe Jonas Criscoe to Christa Palazzolo Christa Palazzolo

to Davis Ryan Davis to Reynolds Lauren Reynolds

to Debus Lauren Debus to Robertson Angela Robertson

to Gassiot Brooke Gassiot to Saldana Karla Saldaña

to Hawn Lauren Hawn to Sampson Joshua Sampson

to hensel Mark P. Hensel to Sato Natsumi Sato

to Hurwitz Sam Hurwitz to Scribben Lydia A. Scribben

to Kirsten Alyssa Kirsten to Shoemaker Jason Shoemaker

to Caren Lewis Caren Lewis to Thomas Karen Thomas

to Nathan Lewis Nathan Lewis to Ward Rebecca Ward

to Maxwell Leah Maxwell to Yu Kathryn Yu

to McGuire Travis McGuire

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Creative Research Lab

SENIOR STUDIO SHOW - February 2006

image of Senior Studio Show postcard

Senior Studio Show opening reception

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