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Creative Research Lab

SHADE- August 2005

image of installation by Jarrod Beck

Jarrod Beck
Ladies and...Gentlemen of the Shade , 2005
construction materials
variable dimensions

Catalog Essay by Jarrod Beck and Andy Campbell:

…we will soon arrive at the sphere where the claims of the physical body, that having a measurable weight, come first because they look easiest to define; certainly, their problems are, technically, the easiest to handle. So it would seem! (1)

A conversation takes place over email and instant messenger.


Art History Boy (coyly): Entre-vous!
Man From the 11th Floor: Which curtain are you behind?
AHB: Let down your hair.
MFt11F: Hold it. There.
AHB: And here it is, the presence of eroticism, without the work being solely dedicated to it.
MFt11F (clearly on to something): Right, which is what the presence of an image strips away.
AHB (hell-bent): or is supposed to do.
MFt11F: It gives people the opportunity to turn away.
AHB (bitterly, openly, tenderly): People will always turn away.
(black out)

Then there is the violence of writing. Of cutting, and phrasing, editing what you say and what others will see. Deception, certainly.

One could fall in love through the edits. It's possible, and I'm sure it has happened.

"To exact power over, in a public space. To protect, reveal a private, personal enclave." (2)

That's what I am trying to do.

Cosmic space, or, as I would put it, filmic space, means being everywhere at once, or that "place" where the viewpoint is the same as the vanishing point; the most inward, the same as the most outward. (3)


Early summer. Late evening.

Jarrod: Oh, the fruits of short-lived experience.
Andy: There's no pressure
Jarrod: No?
Andy: No, well not really yet. Maybe. I don't know. Yeah, maybe.
Jarrod: So…
Andy: …eyelashes?
Jarrod. Yes.
Andy: good.
Andy: Ok. So that went well. We had a talk and that went well.
Jarrod: Yes. It went well.
Andy. Ok.
Andy: so… when can I drop by your studio?

June 4th – July 21st?

Ingredients for a successful picnic, or things that happened or almost happened:

A drunk woman came into the store – she said her kids were waiting for her in the car, an ex-boyfriend died, a friend's mother died, a friend's father died, a boss's friend's uncle died, a writer had the house to himself, the theater card was played, a tabula rasa, a tablet laptop, someone traveled very fast between San Francisco and New York - stopping in Austin semi-regularly in the mornings, photos were sent, emails were sent, and something else was sent, hands went down cutie's pants, the acoustic advantages of neoprene walls were discovered, a summer solstice passed, ex-boyfriends reconnected, a friend bought a Tim Hawkinson multiple, a beer with Elmer Bischoff's wife, a beer with a co-worker, a man got kissed in a telephone booth, a younger brother taught his older brother how to make pad thai, a shaggy-looking man got a haircut, that same man found a hair in his frozen food, fireworks.

(Jarrod, insert days you were not in Austin here)
(Andy, insert another text here)

iliveonthe11thfloor: get into that


arthistoryboy: OK so drama...
arthistoryboy: the second level is the personality aspect
iliveonthe11thfloor (interrupting, speaking to the audience): the first aspect was that arthistoryboy wanted to be an actor.
arthistoryboy:... the idea of performing yourself in public or private (as if those distinctions made a whole lot of sense in the first place) places
iliveonthe11thfloor: we could say backstage, onstage
arthistoryboy: stages used to be raked, so we could say upstage/downstage… and then the question is when are you really visible?
iliveonthe11thfloor:(passionately, as he pours an undefined substance upstage) the tension as the curtain rises!
arthistoryboy: when you are closest to the audience? Or higher off the ground?
iliveonthe11thfloor: performing identity, place
arthistoryboy: Like getting the feeling a lot of people view my person as this fey little Jewish white guy. On one level I think "yes, I've totally succeeded" and on another I think I've utterly failed.
arthistoryboy: yeah but not necessarily performing identity
arthistoryboy: performing a public.
Iliveonthe11thfloor: higher off the ground.
arthistoryboy: missing each other.


iliveonthe11thfloor: I met a drag queen in San Francisco. She could just stand there, all seven foot of her, in front of a fan with five or six men on stage with her, swooning over her.
Arthistoryboy: ?
iliveonthe11thfloor: Steve Lady
arthistoryboy: promise me you'll do your own lighting
iliveonthe11thfloor: you should see how this hair looks with a light behind it

These same two worlds [art and reality], conceived as separate organic bodies, are as independent yet related, as if they were brothers living on the opposite sides of the Earth. (5)


A: a personal display?
11th: I felt that way.
A: ciao baby.
11th: ciao

(1) Tyler, Parker. The Shadow of an Airplane Climbs the Empire State Building: A World Theory of Film. New York: Anchor Books, 1973, $2.50. 222.

(2) Jarrod said this, but it was in reference to something else. Sorry.

(3) Tyler, 275.

(4) The first level was that I thought I wanted to be an actor.

(5) Tyler, 223.