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Creative Research Lab

Plots and Schemes - April 2005

photograph by Eduardo Munoz

Eduardo Munoz
untitled, 2004 - 2005
from Protable Worlds series
silver gelatin print

My photographs from "Portable Worlds" narrate, in a concise and figurative manner, experiences similar to those of accounts of journeys. They rescue readings, houses, life experiences. They recall, without explicit reference or prioritized order, the same land incursions as shipwrecks. With an indistinctly dramatic or ironic tone, they discover in these events how tenuous the dividing line is between what is necessary and what is superfluous, between baggage and burden.

Technically, the resulting pieces are multiple exposures, straight photographs created in studio with a large format camera and no digital intervention, involving and alternating the reproductions of pictures from my family's archives or images created by me, both superimposed on spaces and objects, by slide projectors. In these work, time seems suspended in a precarious equillibrium that, unlike previous series, contains more of the present and contingency than remembrance.