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Creative Research Lab

Plots and Schemes - April 2005

drawings by Daniel Lievens

Daniel Lievens
installation view, 2005

In my time here, my work has centered around the process or method by which something happens. I'm interested, not merely in the specifics of the finished work, but in the path that it takes to get there. In making work, I make up rules and strategies. A coin toss decides the size of a character in a comic strip, or letters in a title must be made up of a given set of pieces, for example. I may also have other people produce a significant part of a poster, for instance, leaving me to contend with someone else's conception of it.

"You know, I rather think I agree with those poet-and-philosopher johnnies who insist that a fellow ought to be devilishly pleased if he has a bit of trouble." These chances, the unexpected bumps brought about by allowing outside factors so heavily into my methodology, may make the project harder in some ways, forcing me to work around or with certain parameters. Ultimately, though, they make my work better. This way of working forces me to make choices that I wouldn't make otherwise and to really appreciate, to revel in, the path that gets me from here to there.